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Drake Group Investigations specializes in forensic science, providing expert analysis and investigative services. Our team employs advanced techniques in areas like DNA testing, digital forensics, and crime scene analysis. We cater to legal, corporate, and private clients, offering insights crucial for solving complex cases with precision and reliability.


Drake Group Investigations, renowned for its comprehensive investigative services, houses a dedicated Forensic Science Division. This division is a testament to their commitment to employing cutting-edge scientific methods in their investigative processes.

  • Advanced DNA Analysis: Central to the Forensic Science Division is its capability in DNA analysis. The division specializes in extracting and analyzing DNA from various sources using the latest genomic technologies. This service is pivotal in solving criminal cases, identifying suspects, and even aiding in family law cases. The precision and accuracy of their DNA testing methods ensure high reliability in their results.
  • Digital Forensics Expertise: Our proficiency in digital forensics is a crucial asset in the digital age. This sub-division focuses on retrieving and analyzing data from electronic devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets. Whether uncovering digital footprints in cybercrime investigations or recovering critical data in corporate espionage cases, our digital forensics experts are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and techniques.
  • Crime Scene Investigation and Analysis: The Forensic Science Division excels in traditional crime scene investigation. Our forensic experts meticulously process crime scenes, gathering and analyzing physical evidence such as fingerprints, blood spatter, and ballistic evidence. We employ systematic approaches and advanced technology to reconstruct crime scenes, providing valuable insights for unraveling complex cases.

Forensic Services Offered

Questioned Document Examination

Our services extend to verifying the authenticity of signatures and written documents. We can specifically identify inks, papers, and the devices used to produce documents, like printers, fax machines, and copiers. Additionally, we can often ascertain the age of the ink used and provide experts qualified to testify in court.

Trace Evidence Analysis

This type of evidence includes minute materials transferred between individuals or objects during a crime. Our analysis covers a range of trace elements such as hairs, fibers, soil, paint, various liquids, and other physical materials.

Latent Fingerprint Identification

We specialize in uncovering latent fingerprints at crime scenes, which are typically invisible to the naked eye. Various powder-based techniques are employed to reveal these prints. We also use advanced methods to develop prints on porous materials like paper, envelopes, and postage stamps.

Blood and Bodily Fluid Analysis

Our expertise allows us to uniquely identify blood, semen, hair, and skin samples. Through DNA analysis, we can almost always ensure precise identification.

Toxicology and Drug Testing

Our forensic laboratory is equipped to test for illegal and controlled substances in blood, urine, or hair samples. We also analyze liquids and compounds to determine their composition.

Paternity Testing

Utilizing a board-certified forensic scientist, we conduct DNA paternity tests. Results are typically available within five days, and we offer expert testimony in court. This analysis can be done using blood samples or oral swabs.

Forensic Testing

The Forensic Experts

Group 1299

Jack M. Fritz, Ph.D.

Court Qualified
Latent Fingerprints
Trace Evidence
Death Investigation

David Fruchtman, Ph.D.

Court Qualified

Group 1299

Rosemarie Urbanski, M.F.S.

Court Qualified
Questioned Document Examiner
Ink Analysis
Latent Fingerprints

Angela Weatherhead


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