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Jack M. Fritz, PH.D.

Dr. Fritz has been a forensic polygraph and  certified voice analyst examiner for over forty years. He is a former Counterintelligence Special Agent and a former member of the Chicago Police Dept.  Dr. Fritz has testified as an “expert” in State and Federal Courts concerning lie detector tests and polygraph.  His polygraph training was under the supervision of Mr. Cleve  Backster,  former CIA and US Army Intelligence interrogator, who was tasked with implementing the CIA polygraph unit.  His Voice Stress Analysis training was under the tutorship of Lt. Col. McQuiston and Lt. Col. Allan Bell, the inventors of Voice Stress Analysis.  All while employed in the research and development section of US Army Intelligence. Tests are available in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

Professional Services

We provide the following professional Phoenix Polygraph and Voice Analysis services.    Allegations of child molestation, homicide, fraud, theft, burglary, rape, indecent exposure, robbery, and other crimes.  We provide Civil and Criminal Polygraph and Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) examinations using the Computerized Voice Stress Analyzer. Please call if you need a lie detector test performed. Serving the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

In addition, we operate Sentence Mitigation Institute, a national company that provides expertise in presenting mitigation for reduced sentencing in criminal cases.  

Visit our site at: www. sentencemitigationinstitute.com


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Jack M. Fritz, Ph.D.

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